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finish your collapse and stay for breakfast - jimmy triumphant [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
jimmy triumphant

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finish your collapse and stay for breakfast [Jun. 30th, 2009|05:36 pm]
jimmy triumphant

i have a prolapsed disc in my lumbar region. it's a happily anti-climactic outcome (or, as dad put it, "thank christ for that"). i manned up, put my suit on and winced my way into court this morning but i only lasted about ninety minutes before i had to leave. my pain threshold is pretty high but when i start sweating in agony, it's time to pull up stumps.

i saw a different physio this afternoon; really nice lady at elsternwick called Lee. she was a lot more inquisitive than the hack i saw in caulfield last week (she went as far as getting a copy of the CT scan faxed across from my GP) and after a thorough examination she declared an MRI necessary. if the disc has slipped right out (and the numbness in my left foot is apparently a bad sign), i'll need a minor operation rather than therapy. she forbade me from working until that's been clarified, which is a bummer - i hate this inactivity. i'm still in inexplicably good spirits, though.

[User Picture]From: lunaminor
2009-06-30 07:50 am (UTC)
ouch ouch ouch ouch!

i'm glad you have someone who sounds like their going to take care of it all though. there's nothing worse than people wasting your time, especially with health stuff.

hope it all gets sorted soon dude.
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[User Picture]From: jimmyjack
2009-06-30 08:44 am (UTC)
thanks julia.
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